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San Francisco, Objective Zero Waste
The city of San Francisco is today a true model of waste management. Zero Waste, an ambitious bet?
Washed Up
Alejandro Durán travels the beaches to collect plastic debris. His project: life-size installations of single-use objects. Aesthetic perhaps, but challenging above all.
The Bigger Picture
Find the magical images of our blue planet taken by astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the ISS station. A series of photographs highlighting the critical issues of climate change.
Ces entreprises qui disent stop aux plastiques à usage unique
Exit de nos bureaux les gobelets, bouteilles et autres touillettes en plastique. Pour lutter contre cette catastrophe écologique, certaines organisations au Luxembourg ont décidé d’agir en signant le manifeste Zero Single-Use Plastic.
Quand l'impulsion vient de l'europe
Europe in the Driver's Seat
Through its institutions, the EU aims to become the driving force behind a new model. Focus on its initiatives to build a responsible world.
Companies that Say Stop to Single-Use Plastic
No more plastic cups, bottles or stirrers in our offices! Organizations in Luxembourg have taken action by signing the Zero Single-Use Plastic manifesto to fight against this ecological disaster.
Single-Use Plastics: True from False
Do plastics contribute to global warming? Are babies born pre-polluted? Is bio-based plastic the solution? Here are some answers to help you distinguish between reliable information and preconceived ideas.
Under the Eye of Microscopes
Plastic pollution is also micro and nano particles and although this waste seems invisible to us, it is no less dangerous. Science tells us why.
A Hazardous Immersion
One million plastic bottles are bought every minute in the world. At this frenetic rate, the equivalent of one rubbish truckload of this "modern-day material" is dumped into the ocean... Exploration of a plastic world.
Solutions are in the making
Discover 10 companies that have redesigned their use of plastics. From PET-destroying bacteria to recycled bottles, these brands had to be inventive to meet the waste challenge.
A matter of usage...
The time has come: no more plastic! Let's think about the materiel "whose name must not be pronounced", let's question our uses and try to find alternatives capable of replacing it.